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The Story of KETO4ALL! - Part 1

The Story of KETO4ALL! - Part 1

How did KETO4ALL! begin? Where did the idea come from?

Find out in part one of the series: The Story of KETO4ALL!


I started keto during my summer vacation in 2017, which allowed me to prepare, create and experiment with many different types of keto food.

I still remember preparing butter chicken served on top of spinach for the first time, which is still one of my favourite meals today, and my first time making a vanilla cheesecake sweetened with erythritol (it was so good!). It was a great time to start my keto journey since I had the time to figure out the things that worked and didn’t work (fat bombs… not my thing).

However, at that time I was a junior high teacher and knew that come August I’d have to return to the classroom full-time.

Teaching through the years

How would my eating habits change going back to work? It was only a few months ago that I’d gone into my snack drawer and shoved a handful of M&Ms into my mouth before starting my next lesson. Needless to say, I was nervous. Would I slip back into my old habits? Would everything I worked for be in vain?

No! I couldn’t let myself down and I had to be prepared!

I decided to meal-prep all my keto lunches for the week, which was an easy task and replace all my high-carb, sugary snacks with keto-friendly alternatives; not so easy. To my surprise, finding suitable snacks on keto was difficult. I really had to go out of my way to find snacks that I actually enjoyed. I thought to myself:

“HEY! I used to be a part of subscription snack boxes in the past. That was a great way to try a bunch of different snack items and have them ready to eat when I need them.

I just need to find a keto subscription box service!”

Unfortunately, there weren’t many keto snack boxes to choose from and many of them existed in the United States, where it was just too expensive to subscribe (after factoring in the exchange rate, shipping costs and custom taxes). What was I going to do?!

And that’s where the light bulb lit up! What if I started my OWN Canadian keto subscription box service?

I can provide a variety of different keto-friendly snack items to help support those who don’t have the time to find and make suitable snacks! That way I can provide snacks that are way healthier and allow someone to stick with their keto journey without being tempted by convenient carb-y snacks!

AND THAT…. was the beginning of KETO4ALL!

I had to overcome many obstacles starting KETO4ALL!, which I won’t detail now… that’s for another blog post! Fast-forward a year later and I now have a community of subscribers all-across Canada supporting their nutrition, fitness, and wellness goals with a focus of making keto a lifestyle!

Everyday I’m learning about daily business operations, customer service, logistics, marketing and so much more. It’s been an exciting journey growing as a new business owner this past year and I can’t wait to see what challenges & opportunities await in 2020!

Chris Appave

CEO & Founder of KETO4ALL!